DevOps Engineer


Role Description

DevOps Engineers oversee the code releases, combining an understanding of both engineering and coding.They help build functional systems that improve customer experience. DevOps Engineers are responsible for deploying product updates, identifying production issues, and implementing integrations that meet the customers’ needs.



      • Design, deployment, and management of Kubernetes clusters for development and production environments
      • Containerization of applications (Java, Python, VueJS) using Docker.
      • Develop and manage infrastructure as code (IaC) using Terraform, CloudFormation, or Crossplane to automate infrastructure provisioning and management.
      • Implement and maintain Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, including configuration, automation, and monitoring, to facilitate fast and reliable software releases
      • Implementation of log management and monitoring tools
      • Provide troubleshooting support for development and production environments
      • Design and Management of Cloud Infrastructure mainly in AWS
      • Collaborate with the security team to implement best practices for security, compliance, and vulnerability management
      • Write scripts and automation tools to streamline repetitive tasks and improve efficiency
      • Work closely with development, to understand underlying requirements and implement infrastructure to support it
      • Create and maintain clear and comprehensive documentation for infrastructure and processes.
      • VCS Management such as GitHub

Essential Stacks:

**means required

      • Docker, Helm, Kustomization Kubernetes **
      • AWS – EKS, EC2, RDS, S3, Lambda, Route53, VPC, ELB, Autoscaling, CloudFront, WAF, Transfer Family, EBS, EFS, KMS, ECR Cloudwatch, AWS XRay, Cloud Trail **
      • Terraform, AWS CDK or Cloud Formation
      • Github Advance Security
      • Security Compliance Experience such as SOC2
      • Networking Fundamentals such as Network Subnetting; Firewall rules; DNS and Layer 4 and Layer 7 load balancing

Mandatory Skills:

      • Has keen attention to detail
      • Diligent and well-organized in documentation
      • Excellent critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills in software architecture
      • High-level written and verbal communication skills

Preferred to have any skills and experience in the following:

      • Any AWS Associate, Professional, or Specialty Certification
      • CKA, CKAD, CKS
      • Azure or Google Cloud Platform