Senior Frontend Developer


Role Description

The role mainly focused on the front-end development of web applications. Writing user-side logic using JavaScript and designing user-facing web apps and components.

Mandatory Skills:

      • Use Vue3 to create a user-facing web browser application.
      • Maintain application to adhere to the company’s brand guidelines and design standards
      • Integrate unit testing during the user interface development phase
      • Diagnose and fix bugs and other software defects in new and existing Vue applications to increase the performance of the application.
      • Run code optimization tools and analyzers to spot and refactor inefficiencies to create highly performant code
      • Create libraries and components that are modular and reusable.
      • Exchanging ideas with the product team to improve the user experience
      • Keep an eye on Vue.js and any project dependencies for security updates and problems.
      • Propose any necessary updates or modifications to keep current with modern security and development best practices.

Preferred Skills:

      • At least 5 years of commercial web development experience
      • At least 2 years of solid experience working with Vue.js
      • Familiarity with the Vue Composition API or Vue 3
      • Familiarity with TypeScript
      • Experience using Github or any SCM tools
      • Experience using Material Design component libraries (preferably Vuetify)
      • Knowledge of UX standards
      • Strong skills in HTML/JS/CSS
      • Experience in CI/CD pipeline
      • Strong skills in responsive design implementation and testing