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Intelligent Document Assistants

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Everyday Business Challenges

Document Automation is Hard

Everyday, people review, verify, and capture critical data and insights from millions of documents


Our assistants react instantly to document changes, finding the information you need


People aren't built to re-key data all day, but our assistants are designed for just that


Our assistants react to content and can process thousands of documents in minutes

Intelligent Document Assistants

Task-focused, Trainable, and Easy to Use



Teach an assistant to classify e-mails and then organize their contents and attachments to save you time.


PDF Forms & Tables

Capture data in semi-structured tables by labeling just one or two samples and never copy and paste key data again!


Excel Reports

Trying to get valuable data out of other people's spreadsheets? Our assistant can quickly grab tables in worksheets for you.


Interesting Clauses

Label examples of language you are interested in finding and let our assistant quickly read hundreds of documents in minutes!



Our assistants are focused on specific problems

  • Tick Choose the right assistant for the job
  • Tick Set up in minutes
  • Tick Let assistant respond to new content as needed

Easy to Train

Focused training and labeling ensure the assistants are quick to use

  • Tick Learn from limited examples
  • Tick Handle complex problems with hints
  • Tick Test interactively

Kodexa Team

We are a team of data and machine-learning people, focused on creating meaningful products that can help people achieve more

Frequently Asked Questions

Kodexa is ready to help

Kodexa can be deployed in your private AWS cloud for as low as $3k a month

Yes, we offer full support for deploying Kodexa in your AWS environment, and we are working on GCP and Azure support. Get in touch to find out more.

Today we have assistants for e-mail, PDF, and Excel. They are able to OCR, find content, identify tables, and much more. We are always working to release more every month.

Absolutely! Kodexa was designed to allow you to build rich and powerful unstructured content solutions. We publish and support a full SDK allowing you to do almost anything. Get in touch to learn more